Songbirds Massage List

The Songbirds experience isn’t complete until you enjoy one of our sublime massages, in the tranquility your very own rainforest villa. Take a deep breath, turn off from the outside world and indulge. Our highly qualified therapists are happy guide you through the best possible treatment in order for you to drift away. Along with your massage enjoy one of our rejuvenating facials, using eco-friendly, organic spa products made here in Australia. Then slide into your spa or enjoy a nice bottle of wine with one of our chiefs amazing platters.

So we can best cater to your needs please, allow at least 24 hours notice to avoid disappointment. However, we are aware some of the best things in life are spontaneous & will do our best to make this a truly blissful stay!

90 mins. – $155

A pampering combination package that gives you the perfect opportunity to experience three different treatments in one session. 30-minute Massage, 30-minute Foot Reflexology, 30- minute Facial

60 mins. – $115 – 90 mins. – $140

You can have your massaged styled to you a gentle relaxation massage, to a deep tissue remedial massage

90 Mins – $155.00

The ultimate indulgence a personal blend of essential oils the treatment offers a gentle relaxation massage, to a deep tissue remedial massage. A clay mask is then applied followed by a soothing toner and moisturiser.

This is a sooting combination of beautiful aromas.

75 mins. – $135

This package includes a 60 massage. A Salt Glow treatment is applied to leaving the skin smooth, fresh and glowing. A bath infused with relaxing essential oils and sea salts is then prepared for you to relax in as long as you wish.

60 mins. – $120 – 90 mins. – $155

A combination of essential oils is applied to heated stones which are used to rhythmically massage the whole body. The heat and warmth from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles, relaxing and dissolving tension. Stones are then laid down either side of the spine while the backs of the legs are massaged. A very warming and nurturing experience.

60 mins. – $125

This treatment includes a head massage, followed by a facial massage using a jojoba based blend of essential oils. A clay face mask is applied to draw out impurities and soften and smooth the skin, followed by the application of toner and light moisturiser. Included is your choice of a foot or hand massage whilst the mask is doing its work.

60 mins. – $115

Your treatment commences with a fizzy footbath, lemon cleanse oil is added to stimulate blood flow to the feet, both feet are then exfoliated. Followed by a relaxing therapeutic reflexology treatment finished with a peppermint foot spray.

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Reach optimum well being by balancing body, mind and spirit. Take the first steps to becoming the best you can be with Songbirds meditation and counselling expert Laurene. Laurene helps Songbirds’ guests achieve life balance and release new energy though meditation and counselling.


The Art of Meditation

It is not about stilling the mind. Nor is it about emptying the mind. It is much simpler than either of these. It’s not about breathing in the positive and breathing out the negative. It is much easier than that. It is about considering the idea that we have two minds. The “every day mind” which allows us to multi-task and predominantly keeps us on the straight and narrow, but it is also responsible for our scattered thinking – our monkey-mind!

The other, and far more powerful is our “Soul mind”. When we connect with our soul mind, we can safely leave our everyday mind in our everyday bodies and journey into our souls, into our hearts. Reaching a deep sense of peace and harmony. A place of stillness.

We can connect to our soul hearts and feel the energy connection in the heart/mind loop. This enables us to think our feelings and feel our thoughts, and ultimately realise that we are so much more. Soul mind meditation is about Oneness. Soul meditation is Mindfulness at it’s centre.

It’s about being connected. Salara believes we are all intuitive. Through her gentle words and her ability to design meditative journeys to a deep inner stillness, Salara helps you create your own heart/mind loop which leads to this Intuitive Self becoming potent within all who experience the Art of Meditation, and ultimately reaching the state of the “I Am” consciousness.

In her one on one meditations, Salara will guide you through two gentle, uplifting and enlightening meditations designed especially for you. Salara doesn’t use scripts; instead, after a brief chat with you she intuitively creates journeys just for you! At the conclusion, you can share your journeys with her and ask any questions you may have to gain a deeper clarity and understanding about your own experiences. You can even record her spoken words designed just for you, on your smart phone, and play them again and again to re-create your own meditative state in your own space, long after you leave Songbirds!



yoga for health and happiness

Feel the extraordinary benefits of an individual hatha yoga class with Songbirds yoga instructor Laurene. Laurene helps people integrate their inner and outer lives to promote health and wellbeing.

Yoga helps to tone muscles and strengthen the body, improve posture and flexibility, boost the metabolism, increase energy, calm the mind and release tension through breathing techniques, physical postures and relaxation.

Experience an hour of individually balanced physical and spiritual practice with Laurene for $98. Her one-to-one sessions can be designed to suit beginners or more experienced yoga students.