Bonnie Rodwell – Proprietor

Businesswoman and restaurateur Bonnie Rodwell now divides her time between her native New Zealand and the Gold Coast.  Bonnie has owned Songbirds for 14 years and there have been many awards and many changes along the way.   biggest change being the closure of Songbirds restaurant for à la carte dining.  Our restaurant is open for functions and weddings only.  Bonnie feels this is where our strength now lays and this is the way forward to ensure the continued success of Songbirds.








Lea Nettleton – Administration

Lea is a New Zealander and is based at our Head Office in Queenstown, NZ, where all accounts and wages are paid from.  Lea loves to travel and one of her most favourite places in the world to visit is Songbirds.  Lea has been with us for over 5 years and is our “go-to girl” for whatever we need done.






Chrissy Comer – Administration Manager

Chrissy is also from NZ and is based at our Queenstown Head Office.  She has over 30 years administration experience and has been with Songbirds for 8 years.  She travels over to Songbirds regularly and loves the interaction with the both the staff and guests.







Troy Hobbs – Maintenance Manager

Troy is originally from New Zealand and is a qualified engineer.  He has been a painter/decorator in three different countries.  He has worked at Songbirds for 18 months.  He loves working with the flora and fauna that make up beautiful Songbirds.