Free Breakfast Basket

Book directly with us, and we will be include our renowned Breakfast Basket completely free of charge (save $55).

The breakfast basket includes yogurt, fresh orange juice home made date loaf and quiche, fresh milk, muesli and fresh fruit,  this gets delivered to your room after 8am at a time of your choice.

Treatment and Experiences

Heavenly Deep Tissue

60 mins. – $150
90 mins. – $200
For deeper tissue issues, the therapist applies deeper pressure along the muscles to unwind and smooth out knots and restore proper blood flow. Deeply connective, relieving and satisfying at the same time, meeting and dispersing the tension. Entraining the body-mind to release and let go.

Heavenly Salt Glow

90 mins. – $190
Cleansing and reenergising, pure pink Himalayan mineralised crystals gently exfoliate and detox your skin, lymph and blood, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised and your skin silky smooth. Finishing with soothing handmade Organic Shea Body butter moisturiser, in choice of plain and 3 essential oil aromas – Lavender, Lemon and Ylang Ylang by Byron Bay Exotics.

Heavenly Full Body Relaxation Massage

60 mins. – $130
90 mins. – $180
Slow, long flowing connected massage strokes with warmed oil, as you float away on a cloud of bliss, magically melting tensions and encouraging you to let go of all worldly concerns. Includes detailed face, neck and head massage. Utilises unscented Macadamia, Olive Calendula and Rosehip oil mix, perfect for people with skin sensitivities, allergies and if pregnant.

Heavenly Hot Stone Massage

90 mins. – $190
(only Winter/Spring/Autumn)
A combination of essential oils is applied to heated stones which are used to rhythmically massage the whole body. The heat and warmth from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles, relaxing and dissolving tension. Stones are then laid down either side of the spine while the backs of your legs are massaged. A very warming and nurturing experience.

Heavenly Remedial/Reflexology

60 mins. – $140
90 mins. – $190
For more specific tight areas, Acupressure, slow sustained release and circular friction techniques support release of taut muscles relieving discomfort and realigning your skeletal system. Using handmade Organic Gold Plus Calendula Bsed Balm, and Hair and Scalp Rosemary Essential oil Byron Bay Exotics.

Bubbles and Truffles

– $88
Bubbles and truffles in your room waiting for you. Our resort has prepared mouth watering truffles complimented by a bottle premium Australian sparkling wine. A lovely way to add romance to your stay.